Sachdeva Diagnostics is a diagnostic center and walk-in clinic that focuses on accurate diagnosis.

Sachdeva Diagnostics provides services of all routine and specialised pregnancy ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound, color Doppler for pregnancy and peripheral vascular Echo both adult and fetal, Digital X-ray, scanogram, Digital OPG, ECG, HSG, DEXA Bonedensometry, complete pathology lab with home sample collection and health packages

General Information

1. Family history
2. Asian
3. Advanced age
4. Chronic use of steroids
5. Thin build
6. Use of cigarettes or excessive alcohol
7. Reduced calcium intake and physical activity
8. Testosterone/ estrogen deficiency

1. Thin and small frame
2. Postmenopausal
3. Do not engage in regular exercise.
4. Chronic use of steroids.
5. Members of family have osteoporosis.
6. Reduced calcium intake and physical activity.

1. Get daily recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D
2. Engage in re bearing regular weight exercise.
3. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.
4. Talk to doctor about bone health.
5. Have a bone density test and take medication when appropriate.

Liquid base cytology LBC is simple procedure in which cells are taken from cervix with help of brush and
transported in special fluid. They are stained and examined under microscope for inflammation, pre-
malignant or malignant cells.

Comprehensive radiographic evaluation of whole spine and lower limbs including pelvis, so larger body
are covered.
Whole spine X-ray AP, Lateral is done to rule out scoliosis and angle of deviation is measured.
Lower leg image include single image from pelvis to ankle to rule out deformity, shortening of limb
And deformity of knee joint.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a diagnosis based on exclusion as there is no specific test that can be
used to confirm PCOS/ PCOD. Depending on symptoms and signs investigations, especially those related
to ovulation and infertility are carefully chosen to evaluate a patient. these tests include estimating a
variety of fertility related harmones . ultrasound is also helpful in identifying cysts in ovaries and
detecting abnormalities of internal structure.
Harmone test which maybe prescribed
LH/FSH Ratio
Testosterone total/ Free
 Doctor may decide which harmones are required on individual basis.

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